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New soft gripper for cobot

Hvatači za robote

New soft gripper for cobot

Industrial robots as well as cobots are using different end tools for performing tasks. Taking into account that robots are mainly used for lifting and handling products, we are using different types of grippers which are suitable for lifting and handling products where surface of the product is not sensitive to the force which we apply. As you know with ordinary pneumatic gripper, for safe handling, we are applying force to the surface of the product which can damage some products, like in the food industry for instance, therefore are not suitable for this kind of application. There are also some difficuilt shapes of the products whihc you were not able to grab properly with ordinary pneumatic grippers.

With development of cobots (robots which have built in safety system and are suitable for cooperation wiht humans without need for safety fence) development of soft gripping system have been rapidly speed up. Fingers of this type of gipping system work in the principle of octopus and are suitable for handling sensitive products. Force on the fingers can be adjusted on a run and difficuilt shapes can be handled. As mentioned before, this gripping systems behaive as octopus.

You can see more on the video bellow. If you need assistance in your aplication of soft gripper please do not hestitate to contact us



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We are official JAKA cobots/ robots integrator for Slovenia and Croatia. Cobots are robots with integrated safety system which enables them to work and interact with humans without need for safety fence or similar additional equipment.